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Quality is one of the most important factor for us. We always deliver high-end solutions for our clients.

Time management

We always pay huge attention to time management and keeping the deadlines. It is crucial to meet the client's expectations as for receiving finished product.


Keeping up with latest trends and tech specifications, make our designs sharp. Clients always receive good quality product meeting the up-to-date standards.


The flexibilty - putting the desire of making best products as most important, guide us to adjust the flow of work to satisfy the cleint at first place. We always perfect our skills, sharpen the mind and work hard.

Recent Projects

Narzedzia "Force"

Web design (Prestashop), coding, graphics design

Roll ups

Print Design
Vector, CMYK, 1:1, 300 DPI

Web Page "Kelvin Controls"

Web design (Bootstrap, JS), coding, graphics design

Logotype for "TUTOR"

Graphic design, Web design

A4 Brochure "Kelvin Controls"

Graphic Design
Print and web Design
A4 Brochure "Kelvin Controls" (Web version)

Business card for "ARKO-GUM"

Print Design



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Resume may be downloaded only for recruting purposes.

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